भारतीय ज्योतिष को परिभाषित करते असाधारण व्यक्तितव के स्वामी युग पुरुष परम आदरणीय ज्योतिष महामहोपाध्याय पं. के. ए. दुबे पदमेश जी को समर्पित ।

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Event: Chameli Devi Felicitation Ceremony 23.04.2016 at DPVN


Event: Inaugration of Kids Durga Prasad Vidya Niketan


Durga Prasad Vidya Niketan School, Pt. Durga Prasad Dubey Marg, Gujaini, Kanpur

Founder - Pt. K. A. Dubey "Padmesh"

Pandit ji is also a educationalist and running a school "Durga Prasad Vidya Niketan" at Pt. Durga Prasad Dubey Marg, G. Block, Gujaini, Kanpur - 208022 from play group to class 12th. The School is affiliated with C. B. S. E., New Delhi.

The school gives their students a sound education in the fullest sense of the term. While following curriculum aimed at the attainment of the highest standards of academic excellence, the School takes particular care to ensure the wholesome all-round development of character and personality and to inculcate the qualities necessary for children to grow up as disciplined, well adjusted and responsible citizens.

The School aims at imparting education for the body, mind and soul of its students

The school endeavors to build an integrated personality of the child.

The curriculum at Tall Trees School is as per the intelligence level of the students. It offers a variety of subjects - to cater to the varying capabilities among children and enable children to discover their aptitudes.

Apart from the regular studies, the school also offer training in extra curricular activities. Some of the activities that we offer include....
- Swimming
- Yoga
- Marshal Arts
- Computer
- Music
- Dancing
- Acting (Play)
- Singing
- All other Sports

Contact Us at :

Durga Prasad Vidya Niketan
Pt. Durga Prasad Dubey Marg,
G. Block,
Gujaini, Kanpur - 208022

Phone : 0512-2202799, 2203555
Fax : 0512-2202799