भारतीय ज्योतिष को परिभाषित करते असाधारण व्यक्तितव के स्वामी युग पुरुष परम आदरणीय ज्योतिष महामहोपाध्याय पं. के. ए. दुबे पदमेश जी को समर्पित ।

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Lectures And Seminars by Padmesh Ji

Padmesh Ji in his professional and personal life attends so many seminars and imparts lectures in so many seminars and consortium arranged by either other group/company or by Pandit Ji himself. He attends more than 125 seminars and lectures are attended by Pandit Ji himself. In numerous seminars and lectures he attends as a Chairperson / Chief Guest.

He imparts lectures on various issues of Astrology by which astrologers and general people gets benefited with. In his lectures he approaches the traditional and scientific both with all possible aspects in combination of astrology with life

Whether Politics, Socialism, Humanity, Environment or Personal Life he is best in making co-relation with astrology in his lectures and seminars

Pandit Ji with Yogiraj Bal Krishan, Patanjali Yog Peeth, in a conference
Pandit Ji with Padmshree S. S. Katiyar, Vice Chancellor,       Pandit Ji with Shail Chaturvedi, Famous Poet, in
Kanpur University and with Anita Bhatnagar Jain, IAS in         a Natioanl Jyotish Sammelan
a National Jyotish Sammelan
Pandit Ji with Chief Minister, Maharashtra and other astrologers       Pandit Ji with Ramveer Upadhyay, Minister, Govt. of U. P.